HTML5 sooner than 2022

“What, HTML5 will be ready in 2022?” Thats a common reaction from web developers trying to get their heads around HTML5 and the cool stuff that come with it.

Its true that Ian Hickson, the editor of HTML5 working draft, mentioned “2022″ in an interview by Tech Republic as part of the HTML5 timeline, but this is often misinterpreted as the date it will be ready for use.

What about 2022?

2022 is the date of the final proposed recommendation, in other words“At least two browsers should support the full HTML5 spec by 2022″

CSS 2.1 has been in use for over 10 years but it still doesn’t have two browsers fully supporting it. Only Internet Explorer 8 supports the full CSS 2.1 spec.

So is HTML5 ready to be used today? YES …but you might need a little tweaking for today’s browsers to work with you.

Original Article by Remy Sharp

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